Action Bar

Action Bar definition: properties, methods and examples.

The UI.ActionBar is the main application bar. This contains UI.ButtonBar or UI.ActionGroup.



 * Action Bar control example.
 * mainActionBar.php
$win = new SDPanel();
$win->setCaption("Hello world!");
$tabMain = new Table();
$actionBar = new ActionBar();


  • className : Class
    Class defined in .css stylesheet
  • showApplicationBar : Boolean
    Determines whether the Action Bar is shown or not.
  • control : ButtonBar | ActionGroup
    Action Bar's control


  • setClass( className )
    Set style class for the Action Bar.
  • setShowApplicationBar( showApplicationBar )
    Sets the value of the show application bar property.
  • addControl( control )
    Sets the value of the control property.

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